Can Anti-Ageing Facial Massage Make You Look Younger?

By on February 18, 2012
Anti-Ageing Face Massage

Love the toning effect a workout has on your body? The latest anti-ageing facials can do the same for your face – firming, lifting and contouring – but without you even having to break a sweat. Bring it on!

When was the last time you had a facial? Chances are it involved tinkling music, clouds of essential oils and perhaps a soothing herbal tea? So you may be surprised to learn that the latest facial treatments eschew the touchy-feely in favor of high-tech techniques that go far more than skin-deep – actually toning facial muscles to leave you looking younger, cheeks sharper and chin more defined. In fact, these ‘workout facials’ are so effective, experts say they’re even convincing Botox fans to finally ditch the needle.

It used to be that a professional facial was the only way to get a really deep cleanse or exfoliation, but skincare products have become so sophisticated and their ingredients so effective that women can achieve all of this at home. Also, it is becoming more common for travel industry businesses, such as this top St Lucia spa resort, to offer a full line of specialized skin care treatments that can make both an instant and powerful difference in your complexion.

These new treatments are based on the discovery that, just as your body requires exercise to stay firm and toned, so does your face. And just like a cardio session, these workout facials need to be carried out regularly – continually targeting and toning.

But can you really sculpt and tone facial muscles just by lying on your back, when similar results on your body require regular hours at the gym? In short, can a pair of hands really hold enough power to rival the effects of treatments such as Botox? Yes, argue many facialists believing that every woman should opt for a good facial before even considering surgery.

Botox may smooth out lines and wrinkles, but it doesn’t actually stop the aging process. If anything, it makes it worse by slowing down blood flow, which prevents oxygen from getting to skin. Massage does the opposite – it stimulates muscles and skin, so it’s a much better choice long-term for seeing off aging. And the good news seems to be catching on, as more women begin to understand that extreme measures are not the only way to stay youthful.